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Em to leave in February
News of Em Coley's new appointment, and sad departure from St Leonard's

Looking back, looking forward...
Peter reflects on remembrance... and his departure

Farmers to celebrate Harvest Festival at St Leonard’s
Farmers and their families from across Hertfordshire will be celebrating the harvest in Sandridge.

What's in your suitcase?
Peter Crumpler writes about planning for the journey

Come into the cool for a cuppa!
An invitation to drop into St Leonard's during August and September

A new translation of the 23rd Psalm
Here's a fresh way of looking at a familiar passage of scripture

Watching the World Cup
Em Coley reflects on the World Cup and how we are all different

What a month ahead!
Peter Crumpler looks ahead to the World Cup and our Summer Fete
Open 'What a month ahead!'

What a year that was!
Reviewing the year at St Leonard's

Easter makes a fool of Death, Despair and Hate
Em Coley explains why Christ's resurrection is a major cause of celebration!

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