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What a month ahead!
Peter Crumpler looks ahead to the World Cup and our Summer Fete
Open What a month ahead!

What a year that was!
Reviewing the year at St Leonard's

Easter makes a fool of Death, Despair and Hate
Em Coley explains why Christ's resurrection is a major cause of celebration!

Easter services at St Leonard's
Details of Holy Week and Easter services taking place in church

Fools for Christ?
Peter Crumpler looks for lessons from the calendar for Lent and Easter

What will you do for Lent this year?
Em Coley shares ideas of how you may want to take part in the season.

Light in the Darkness
Peter Crumpler writes about the theme of this year's Christmas services
Open Light in the Darkness

Christmas at St Leonard's
Details of our Christmas 2018 services

Have fun at the Christmas Market!
Information about the November 25th Christmas Market

God is there...
Em Coley reflects on the Harvey Weinstein accusations and the #metoo campaign

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