Come into the cool for a cuppa!

Come to St Leonard’s for a cuppa!

An historic village church is serving tea, coffee and cakes on Sunday afternoons during August and up to September 9th, and inviting visitors to come in for a cuppa!

St Leonard's, a 900-year-old church at the heart of Sandridge, just north of St Albans, will be serving refreshments from 2pm to 5pm. People dropping in will have the chance to look around the church and have a cuppa.

Rev Peter Crumpler, associate minister, said: “We opened the church last August and welcomed in many visitors. This year, we have extended the opening until September 9th as well. 

“Serving refreshments gives many people with links to the church the chance to drop in and say hello. It's also the opportunity for others to take a look around the church for the first time.“

St Leonard's is open throughout the week from 9am to 3pm, for prayer and reflection or for those wishing to explore the church.


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