Minutes of APCM 2019

ON SUNDAY 7th APRIL 2019 AT 11.30 am.

1. Duncan Brown presided and Anne Peck opened the meeting with prayer. 30 people attended.
2. The minutes of the last Vestry meeting, held on 22rd April 2018, were available before the meeting. There were no changes.
Proposed: Philip Moores Seconded: Katrina Strange All agreed. Duly signed
3. Election of Churchwardens :
* Both existing Churchwardens have agreed to stand for another year and there being no other nominations they were duly elected : Jenny Dundon - proposed by Christine Nutton, seconded by Kathy Tilney. Anne Peck - proposed by Kathy Tilney, seconded by Peter Hyde. All in favour
 Duncan gave a huge thank you to both Anne and Jenny for all their hard work over the past year.

1. Apologies for Absence: Ed and Louise Hulme, Mike Fooks, Cyd Waters and Ruth Murphy.
2. Any Items for Any Other Business later: None.
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
The minutes of the last APCM, held on 22rd April 2018 were available before the meeting. There were no changes.
Proposed: Anne Peck Seconded : Christine Nutton All agreed Duly signed.
Matters Arising from the Minutes: None.
4. The Annual Report and Accounts :
* The Treasurer, Duncan Brown, referred to the Financial Statement in the accounts. We showed a surplus of £6,393 for 2018. However, there were legacy donations totaling £8,740 and without these we would have had a deficit of £2,347 – this compares with a surplus of £3,204 in 2017. The Financial Review in the Accounts gives several reasons for this. The most significant was the repair to some of the stained glass windows in the church. In addition to a very generous donation of £5,000 from the Friends of St Leonard’s we still had to find another £2,000. Also, there was a reduction in investment gains and income of £1,320, which reflected investment market conditions during the year.
* It was suggested that a note about Gift Aid and paying by Standing Order be placed in the magazine and on the Pew Sheet. A proposal for a contactless payment reader has been considered by Finance Committee and will be reviewed later this year.
* Patsy Cann raised a questioned about using the legacy for a church hall extension or similar project as had previously been discussed by the PCC. The Chairman said that this has been put on hold while we are in the Vacancy.
* A vote of thanks was made for Peter Hyde and Duncan Brown for the work they put in to the accounts.
Motion : “This meeting approves the Annual Report and Accounts for 2018”
Proposed: By the Treasurer Seconded: by the Secretary All agreed
Motion “ This meeting agrees the appointment of Don Kay as Independent Examiner of the Accounts
for the year 2019. Proposed : by the Treasurer Seconded: by the Secretary All agreed
5. M.A.P..
* During Vacancy we must continue with MAP of previous year and this was approved by the PCC
Motion “This meeting approves the Mission Action Plan”
Proposed: Katrina Strange Seconded: by Belinda Pugh. unanimous agreement
6. Safeguarding.
All member of the PCC have completed on-line training .
We must not be complacent and thanks must go to the Safeguarding team Anne Peck, Gill Forward and Kathy Tilney. The Safeguarding Policy has been published and approved by the PCC. It has paid due regard to the House of Bishops guidance on safeguarding.
Proposed : Anne Peck Seconded: Ros Adlard All Agreed.
7. Kathy’s Remarks : It has been an eventful year at St Leonard's. We have sadly said goodbye to both our assistant priest, Peter Crumpler, and our vicar, Em Coley. Both Peter and Em are sadly missed and of course we wish them well .Our current focus is on securing a positive appointment for our new vicar. We know now that the appointment will be linked to a part time DDO position with the Diocese, meaning that we will be seeking to appoint another part time vicar to lead our parish. We are most grateful to Mike Fooks and Philip Moores who have been elected to represent the parish during the process. Interviews are scheduled to be during June. During the vacancy, we have been lucky enough to welcome a number of visiting clergy including some familiar faces. It has been particularly special to enjoy Dominic Holroyd and Kate Daymond leading us in worship as well as our own Callan Slipper. Today, we are especially grateful to welcome back Linda Hall. I am sure that you will all be pleased to learn that we can look forward to Peter Crumpler leading us in worship over the next few weeks and to John Hillier joining us in the summer. Our worshipping pattern has changed a little this year. We have seen a reduction in the number of Sunday evening services and our Wednesday worship is undoubtedly more challenging to cover during the vacancy. However, we have enjoyed some very special events including the very well attended NFU service at Harvest and the summer 'churches together' worship at Heartwood Forest in August. Our recent evensong celebration was a delight. Craft church has also changed pattern this year - moving from a Saturday monthly event to special sessions. This move is still in its infancy but we are grateful to Kathy, Krystyna and the volunteers who continue to support this very important part of our mission. Pastoral work has remained at the centre of our work this year. Patsy Cann and Kathy Tilney continue to offer home communion to those who cannot make it to church and to those in Lyndon. We are also very grateful that Marion Fooks has now joined that team. Kathy also continues to run our thriving Fellowship group. Recent talks include a session from the Blood Runners which was especially well attended. This year we have run two successful community fetes at Christmas and in the summer. This could not happen without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers for which we are really grateful. Our summer fete is booked for Sunday 7th July and we continue to need your help so please speak to either Jenny or Anne. The Flower Festival continues to be a high point of our year and the work and skill of our flower arrangers, led by Christine Mutton, are second to none. This is an important community event, not only because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the wonder of creation, but also it allows us to share that message with the many members of the public who join us at that weekend. This year also marked the centenary of the end of World War One. Our service at both the Lych Gate and afterwards in church, gave us an important opportunity to mark this solemn occasion. As you will have noticed, today marks another centenary, with this APCM being the one hundredth on record. Whilst our history as a church goes back now over 900 years, it is the future that we are looking towards today. St Leonard's would not be the vibrant and welcoming church it is without the hard work of a great many people. It is impossible to thank everyone for their time and dedication in keeping our church not just surviving, but thriving during the vacancy. However, on behalf of Jenny and Anne, thank you to everyone for everything that you do. Let us hope and pray, that somewhere, someone is already preparing for their move to be our next priest.
8. Election of Lay Members to the Deanery Synod
Nominee Proposer Seconder
Vivian Nutton Belinda Pugh Jenny Dundon
9. . Election of Six Lay Members to the P.C.C.
Nominee Proposer Seconder
Duncan Brown Peter Hyde Kathy Tilney
Patsy Cann Louise Gordon-Hulme Sarah Finch
Mike Fooks Kathy Tilney Katrina Strange
Ros Adlard Tony Adlard Katrina Strange
Philip Moores Kathy Tilney Peter Hyde
Tony Adlard Carolynn Boucher Katrina Strange
There were six nominations for the seven vacancies. Unanimous agreement.
Gill Forward and Clyde Martindill retired and were thanked for their contributions to the PCC.
10. Appointment of Stewards :
Lists of the stewards, readers and intercession leaders were available with the agenda of this meeting,
Proposed : Patsy Cann Seconded: Peter Hyde All agreed
11. Any Other Business:
There was none
The meeting finished at 12.10 pm. Kathy Tilney, PCC Secretary