Mission Action Plan

Mission Action Plan 2020-2021


How we want to be described in five years’ time :

St Leonard's is a church integrated into its local community.

It is a lively outward-looking, growing and prayerful Christian community that welcomes and adapts to all ages.


Our five key goals for the next year or



  • Review the welcome given by the church, at services and events and also when open during the week. Identify and implement ways that this could be improved including exploring the setting up of a welcome team, and undertaking training in providing a welcome to all.
  • Sensitively support and encourage people along their pilgrimage of faith, accepting that people are at different stages of their journey.
  • Further develop the church’s contact with all ages, including pre-school children, the local school and teenagers.
  • Explore the possibility of creating pastoral teams to serve people in the church and the parish.

Seeking ways of developing links between the various church ‘congregations,’ including Sunday and midweek, Craft Church, Tara’s Retreat and Lyndon.