Lent - a time for being thankful

JUST a few weeks ago, I sat and listened to a friend tell his story. He had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer a couple of years back and had travelled a rocky road of treatments and setbacks.








The time since the diagnosis had been painful, a rollercoaster of better news and sometimes not-so-good news.

Yet still there he was standing in front of us, telling his story. He lives, as many people affected by cancer do, from scan to scan, looking out for signs of the cancer growing again.

What is he learning during these tough times? To trust God and be thankful. And my friend would be the first to say that that’s not always an easy lesson.

Take breathing, he said. Most of us take breath without thinking. Yet it’s a miracle that keeps us alive, second by second, throughout our lives. We only notice it when we have problems breathing or something goes wrong.

Lent begins on March 1st this year, with Ash Wednesday, and continues on through Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday…and finally to Easter Day.

But let’s not rush Lent. Let’s use it as a time of self-examination, penitence, self-denial, study – and a time for giving thanks to God.

Let’s be grateful for the God-given things that form part of our world. For family, for friends, for those who have shared our journey through life.

And also for God’s created world all around us, the beauty that we see in creation, in each other and supremely for a God who loves each one of us. 

Rev Peter Crumpler

This article first appeared in the St Leonard's Parish Magazine, March 2016 edition.