Making the connection

In my last parish there was a road bridge closed for repairs. It was a significant bridge.  It was a major route into and out of the village. With its closure we, as villagers, weren’t stranded but our journeys were significantly longer and it was a real inconvenience.

Then just before Easter one year, it reopened.

I am reminded of this years later because of the physical picture it creates that explains the events of Easter.

A bridge reconnects two elements that have been separated. It crosses a divide. It unifies. It makes whole. And that is what we celebrate at Easter. Through his death on the cross, Jesus reunited God and humankind.


Where life had got in the way, where the sin, brokenness and imperfection of humankind had separated us from a life lived with God, Jesus brought us together again. As God’s own son, Jesus was able to bring about reconciliation between God and his world.

Easter gets busy; the long weekend is very often an opportunity to spring clean the house, complete a DIY project, get out into the garden. And all of this is good. But my prayer this year is that we also make time to consider the profound meaning of Easter.

We were created to know God, to know his love, to know the life of fulness that he created for us, and through Jesus’ death and resurrection we are united with him; reconnected and made whole.

As we busy ourselves, may we also make time to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, to  know his love, and the profound truth of God’s reconciliation.

Rev Em Coley

(This article first appeared in the April 2017 edition of the St Leonard's Parish Magazine)