What will you do for Lent this year?

What will you do for Lent this year?

This Lent season that begins with Ash Wednesday on February 14th is a great opportunity to add to our walk of faith, grow in our openness to God, and find ourselves challenged and enriched by God's work in and around us.

Lent is usually accompanied by notions of abstinence, and encouragement to give something up in order to make more space for God. Or through fasting to remind ourselves that our physical hunger is a metaphor for our need for God to satisfy our needs.

For some this season's emphasis on reflection and quiet prayer fits the bill, for others more inclined to activity it may be helpful to think about something to do during Lent.

Here are some suggestions of activities that you may want to engage with this season:

The church is open between 9am and 3pm each day and provides a quiet space to think, pray and reflect.

Heartwood Forest is a super place to be reminded of God's presence in nature as you walk in the open spaces, able to marvel at the wildlife. It is a helpful prompt for prayer and worship.

As you enjoy the company of friends and family I wonder whether there is one thing that you could offer to do for them (having recently been confined to the house because of vertigo, I know how much I have appreciated offers of help and errands being run.)

Perhaps there is a national or worldwide cause that you could support - for example reducing the amount of plastic you use daily, or giving financially to Stop the Traffik, Christian Aid or other causes that have been in your thoughts recently.

As Jesu taught his disciples to pray and to act in order to see God's Kingdom come, may you find ways this Lent to know God's leading and enriching presence making a difference to your life of faith.

Rev Em Coley

This article first appeared in the February 2018 edition of the Sandridge Parish Magazine.