What's in your suitcase?

What’s in your suitcase?

PACKING for holidays is never easy. I’ve taken to using a printed list every time I go away. I’ve added to it things I’ve forgotten on past trips, so that now it’s pretty comprehensive.

Often you have to make tough decisions about what to leave behind, especially if you’re flying or going somewhere where space is limited.

If you’re travelling with children, it can feel more like moving house than a week or two by the seaside.

This time of year, when many people are going away on holiday or to visit family or friends, the question of what’s needed ‘on the voyage’ is a pressing one.

And new phases of life can bring the same challenges. I attended a conference a while back, designed for people facing change.

The speaker, an experienced ‘life coach’ said you had to prioritise. What do you definitely need for where you’re going; what could you do without for a while; and what do you really not need for the next phase. She classified this as ‘send by air’, ‘send by ship’ and ‘not needed on voyage.’

When Jesus sent his disciples out, he instructed them to travel light and take only the barest of necessities with them. Somehow in life, we collect all kinds of stuff as we travel on our way.

But August can be a good time for reflection. It can be a quieter time – whether on holiday or not – to think about life. A time to review our priorities, look at the way ahead, think about where we are in life.

The challenge for me and for all of us this month is to find some time to pray, think about, maybe talk about, where this season finds you.

What is it you need to go forward in life, with Christ at your side, to develop and to grow?

Jesus told his disciples that he came to bring life, abundant life, to those that follow him.

May we have time to explore what that means for each of us, this summer.


Rev Peter Crumpler

This article first appeared in the August 2018 edition of the St Leonard's parish magazine.

Photo: Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash