Young Church

During this time, when we cannot meet together for Young Church, we are going to put a weekly challenge up on our church website. 

Wednesday 22nd July:

Think about God's wonderful world. Which is your favourite animal? Why? Draw or paint a picture of your favourite animal in God's creation.

Wednesday 15th July:

We didn’t have Zoom church this Sunday because Rev Kate is on holiday. Instead she challenged us to find out how other churches are worshipping God during this time of partial closure. My challenge for you, this week, is to see if you can spot another church when you are out and about this week; or when you are watching TV or looking at a magazine. See if you can spot anything that is different about St Leonard’s church and the church you have seen. See if you can find anything the same? As St Leonard’s is such an old church, maybe you could find a really new one?

As ever, please let me know how you get on.


Wednesday 8th July:

This Sunday was the birthday of the National Health Service. Look online or in a Bible you have at home to find a story about Jesus spending time with people who are ill. Draw a picture of one of them and, if you like, send it to me so that I can put it on the church website.


Wednesday 1st July:

This week we are thinking about generosity. Adults are sometimes generous with money but we can all be generous with our time, with love and with kindness – just like Jesus. My challenge for you this week, is do something generous for someone you know. Maybe you could do a job for your Mum or Dad?  Maybe you could be kind to your brother or sister...? Every time we are kind to someone, it is like we are being kind to Jesus. Think about how being generous makes you feel.


Wednesday 24th June:

Last Sunday it was Father’s Day. Maybe you made your Dad a card? This week, your challenge is to make a Father’s Day card for God who is our father in heaven. Think about what you might want to thank Him for. What message might you put in the card? What might you draw a picture of?

Here are two wonderful examples from Freya and Ellis.